About Us

The founder and owner of Signal Oaks, Sam Burgett has had an adventurous, curious, and creative side since his earliest days. At the age of 10, under the watchful (and often nervous) eyes of his parents, he built his own garage forge for melting aluminum cans and creating knives, ingots, and other shiny objects. His mother still laughs about wondering why her hair dryer had gone missing (it was “borrowed” by Sam to fan his forge). Hairspray-powered potato cannons, blow dart guns, sling shots, homemade butterfly knives, and other boy-themed items were common creations by Sam.

Often teaming up with one or more of his three brothers on adventures, Sam still walks around today with a copper BB in his foot from an “oops” that became a good learning experience. Knowing how Sam operated, his doctor chuckled, told us he’d just leave the lodged BB where it was, and asked if he had gotten any squirrels.

Sam’s natural tendency to create became a passion when he saw his dad building a collection of silver bullion. After discovering silver shot and marveling at the way it could be transformed into beautiful pieces of art, he discovered he could couple his love for making things with silver, hard work, technology, and a newly developed skill set.

No matter what he encounters, Sam has always viewed things through the lens of “how can it be done better?”. His silver creations are no different. He has rapidly climbed the learning-ladder, continually discovering and developing new ways to make his work even more amazing. Even so, he still relies upon his family for assistance, support, and guidance through his work.

Dad helps Sam find deals on equipment and materials (as well as sales and customer support). His brother, Abe, is active in the investment and clean-up processes. Oldest brother, Ben, recognized Sam’s potential early on and blessed him with crucial equipment to take his work to the next level. Brother, Eli, lends encouragement and advice at important times. And his sister, Annabelle (the youngest of the siblings), always has kind feedback and support for Sam.

So where does that leave mom? Prayer is one of her main functions (remember the risk-taking side of Sam?). While Sam does his work in a safe manner with proper equipment and protocols, molten metal and machines are involved. Not to be overlooked, however, is mom’s abundance of patience and generosity. Sam’s workspace has spread into multiple areas of the family home… and it can be messy work at times. She, too, sees Sam’s potential and his love for his work and can look past much of the messiness that goes along with the business.

As Signal Oaks grows, Sam has also grown. But no matter where the business leads him, family will play an important role inside and outside of Sam’s work. While his silver creations are beautiful and amazing, he realizes the most valuable things in life are not things at all… rather, they are the relationships by which he has been blessed.